Top Ten T.V. Couples

30 Jun

Now, mind you, I’m seventeen years old. So these won’t be those whirlwind soap opera romances. You’re more likely to see Disney couples than couples from Soap Opera Digest’s pages.

Top Ten T.V. Couples

10. Ross & Rachel – these two could never get it right. that’s why it was the greatest when they finally got their act together.
09. Ricky & Lucy – they poke so much fun at each other, it’s hard not to love them.
08. House & Cuddy – okay, so as of late, they’re not together anymore, but still. i love them. they have the most bad-ass chemistry I’ve ever seen.
07. Will & Grace – granted, they’re not a couple couple, but they’re soul-mates and everyone knows it.
06. Owen & Christina – we all thought she wasn’t going down the isle. so when she snagged an insanely hot ginger, it was allll good.
05. Pacey & Joey – she may have grown up loving Dawson, but everyone knew from their first date that Pacey was a clear winner.
04. Luke & Lorelei – from episode one, they were so obviously head over heels for each other. plus, they make me laugh. so it’s a win-win.
03. Jim & Pam – they took office romance to a whole other level.
02. Eric & Tami – nothing, and i mean nothing could shake their love. it gives me hope yet.
01. Arizona & Callie – they, if no other couple on earth, make me happy to see, every single time i watch Grey’s.


comments? think i forgot someone? i’ll take your thoughts into deep and heavy consideration…mhmm.


& if gravity happens, i’ll fasten wings to my shoes.

29 Jun

♫ listening to: Gravity Happens (Kate Voegele)

I’ve decided to finally jump on the band wagon of internet fads, in this case, blogging. I’m not very confident that blogging about my life would be as scintilating or mind-blowingly interesting, so I won’t do that. Instead, this will probably be a lot of Top Ten lists. Slightly more interesting.